12 Employee Engagement with Craig Juengling, PCC

Are You Engaged or Just Satisfied?

In episode 12, John interviews guest/panelist of Hire up, Craig Juengling, PCC. Craig explains, if you want to distinguish your company in the marketplace, build a hugely profitable business and become that 800 pound gorilla, you simply must create an environment where your employees are actively engaged in your company’s success. John and Craig discuss how leaders frequently think this type of success can be accomplished through having the best technology or the slickest marketing strategy.

Craig is a leading expert on the topic of Employee Engagement and one of the first things he cover is the differences between Engagement and Satisfaction. Craig lays out how this is not an apples and oranges kind of difference; this is more like apples and zebras! Craig states, “engagement is when your employees are emotionally committed to the success of your company, where their values align with your business’s and they make a “personal investment” in the enterprise”. Episode 12 unveils how your organizations workforce is inexplicably intertwined with your business’s future. Your success is their success.

About Craig Juengling, PCC

Craig Juengling, PCC brings over two decades of executive level leadership and experience to his profession as a Professional and Executive Coach. His experience is principally in health care administration as a hospital CEO or as a Division President supervising hospital chief executives; he obtained an MBA from Louisiana State University in 1982.

Running his first hospital at age 29, Craig’s responsibilities grew progressively during his years with a Fortune 500 specialty hospital company; when he left 7 years later, he was responsible for eleven hospitals in seven states situated in the central region of the country. Later in his career, Craig built Maryland’s second largest specialty health care system by acquiring competitors and implementing aggressive internal growth strategies.  Over the course of ten years, his company grew from one location to eight locations, with nearly $100 million in annual revenue and over 750 employees throughout the state.

In 2009, Craig made the decision to leave health care and pursue a passion to become a professional and executive coach.  He completed his required postgraduate coursework with a college certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In 2012, he was accredited by the ICF, making him an elite member of the coaching profession. Less than 10,000 coaches around the world have achieved this level of distinction in the coaching profession and less than 3500 have achieved the Professional Certified Coach accreditation, and even fewer bring over two decades of C-Level experience to coaching.

Craig focuses his coaching practice to meet the unique challenges of executives, entrepreneurs and business owners. Through a three part coaching process, Craig improves the financial performance of his clients by improving their capacity, strategic thinking and business agility. What makes him unique from many other executive coaches is the C-Level experience and mastery of dynamic change that occurred in over two decades of successful healthcare leadership.

Craig loves strategic planning and crafting plans necessary to successfully implement key results; areas like employee engagement, growth and leadership development. He regularly conducts leadership seminars on Becoming the Employer of Choice, Behavioral Interviewing, Strategic Employee Development, Change Management and Emotional Intelligence.

Craig also serves on the faculty of LSU’s Flores MBA Program and is sought out as a keynote speaker for area business conferences.

For more information on this topic and others, visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com or call 800.434.2630

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