16 Communication Matters with Guest, Connie Sirois


In episode 16, John P. Beck, Jr., interviews guest of Hire UP, Connie Sirois. Connie and John explore new ground and discuss “Self Talk”, unlocking keys to improving self-communication.Connie Sirois

Connie Sirois, MA, brings over 25 years of communication study and knowledge to her work as a Business Communication Coach. Her coaching helps her business clients create ever more impressive communications with all stakeholders. Connie’s knowledge of how effective communication can transform a business drives her passion for coaching her clients. From the everyday conversation to the boardroom presentation, she loves dissecting a communication situation with a client and developing a plan that takes the basic concepts of excellent business communication and brings them to bear in ways that both engage the audience and elevate the communication effort.

In her Communication Matters  posts on LinkedIn, Connie discusses techniques and concepts to help every communicator become more skilled. She knows that no matter the industry or position, communication matters, and excellent communication sets one apart. Therefore, in her coaching, she tailors her expert advice to the individual client and business to create truly excellent communications.
Connie has taught thousands of students as a university instructor, and her communication expertise spans several areas of communication theory. In addition to her decades of professional development, Connie has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication (emphasis public relations, 1996), a master’s degree in English (emphasis rhetoric and composition, 2001), and an Elite Life Coach certification from The Coach Mindset (2013).
Her parent company, Reset Focus Life and Career Coaching, LLC, has two divisions–Connie Sirois, The BComm Coach (conniesirois.com–where she serves her business clients) and The Busy Woman’s Guide to Everyday Control (busywomansguidetoeverydaycontrol.com–where she focuses on serving busy women like herself).

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For more information on this topic and others, visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com or call 800.434.2630.

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