18 John Interviews the Team from KJ Resources

Punk Rock HR, A New Twist!

In episode 18, John and the team from KJ Resources explore a new age in human resources. Punk Rock HR! Discover this exciting new approach to traditional HR practices.Picture

Kelli Foret Richard leverages an extensive history in corporate human resources to coach clients eager to creatively adapt to today’s shifting cultural workplace. She combines her skills of songwriting, illustration and more with traditional human resource concepts in a technique she calls “Punk Rock HR.” The result is a new work experience where employees feel connected, valued Pictureand engaged in authentic client relationships.

As a writer, producer, publisher and consultant, Jeremy Broussard has built a career around how people learn through stories. He works with clients to peel apart the technical layers of their professions to reveal an authentic story behind what makes them work hard each day and what brings them the greatest sense of satisfaction. With that in mind, he builds communication materials that work as cultural catalysts and build deeper relationships with both employees and clients.


To learn more about Kelly, Jeremy and the team at KJ Resources, visit www.kjresources.com.

For more information on this topic and others, visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com or call 800.434.2630.

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