19 New Era of HR with Guest, Michael Pires

The New Era of Human Resources

Host, John Beck, Jr., and guest Michael Pires, CEO & President of JetPay HR and Payroll Services, discuss how technology is rapidly changing and how organizations recruit, interview and on-board employees. Learn how video interviews can play a major roll in assessing candidates and speed up your selection process.

Pires founded HRinterax in 2001 and grew the business into a highly profitable human resources outsourcing and recruitment management firm, restructuring the company around the vision of building a cloud-based SaaS HR platform for the small and mid-sized employer market and successfully launching the resultant flagship HR411® product in 2007. He built the company to a point where it ultimately attracted ADP to purchase the company in late 2009.

Pires held a number of senior roles during his six years with ADP – most recently as the Division Vice President of Business Development. While at ADP, Pires helped to define and ultimately establish the HR solutions business for ADP’s Small Business Services, leading them to new sales growth of greater than 20 percent annually and overall existing client base penetration of more than 40 percent for HR solutions. He also led the development of numerous key strategic partnerships and ADPs payroll acquisition team.

He has a track record of successfully scaling businesses, defining new markets and business models, acquiring companies, developing talent, designing, launching and improving products, and expanding into new markets.

For more information on this topic and others, visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com or call, 800.434.2630.

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