Hire Up Podcast

08 Exploring SHRM with guest Karen Breaux

Host John Beck and guest Karen Breaux, discuss the value of SHRM membership In episode 8 John and his guest Karen Breaux explore the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Karen covers the value and benefits of SHRM and how a membership can make your job easier as an Human Resource Professional. Karen is a seasoned human[…]

Hire Up Podcast

07 Safety Culture with Guest Paul Amedee

John Beck and guest and panelist, Paul Amedee discuss Developing a Safety Culture In episode seven John and Paul explore developing a strong culture of safety. Paul explains, how defining and establishing shared beliefs, practices and attitudes throughout an organization, is the single most important factor in reducing accidents and injuries. You can see here for[…]

Hire Up Podcast

06 Conflict Resolution with Melinda Stallings

John and guest, Melinda Stallings, discuss The Power Of Positive Conflict Resolution Episode six is packed with positive energy as Melinda explains her proven, practical, simple 8-step approach that could increase productivity, reduce negativity and increase morale. Melinda says, “If you can spell the word POSITIVE, you have the tools at your fingertips”. How would you[…]

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