21 Training Don’t Work, Dr. Bruce Waguespack, PhD

What Do You Mean Training Don’t Work?

John with guest, Dr. Bruce Waguespack, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development at River Parishes Community College explore a shocking topic “Training Don’t Work”. Bruce has been a learning and performance professional for over 23 years, working in Bruce Waguespackpetrochemical, food processing, steel manufacturing, telecommunications, and construction across the southern US. He is a performance consultant and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a passion for creating high-performance cultures and aligned systems to optimize organizational processes, and people potential. He served on the graduate faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi, Jack and Patti Phillips Workplace Learning and Performance Institute and has been an adjunct professor at LSU for 15 years, specializing in learning, performance and HRD. He earned his MS and PhD from Louisiana State University where he focused on learning styles, training, organizational development, leadership and building high-performance team cultures. Bruce is very active with ASTD, serving as Baton Rouge Chapter president for two separate terms, the board of directors for 8 years, program chair for Mississippi Gulf Coast Lighthouse Chapter, and Membership Chair for the North Alabama Chapter. He serves in various capacities with ASTD-CI since he earned the CPLP designation in 2006.

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