22 It’s All In The Skill!, with Kelly Painter

It’s All In The Skill!

In this episode, John Beck, Jr. and Kelly Painter discuss…eSkill, The Next Generation of Skills Assessments. Human Resources Solutions veteran, Kelly Painter, Vice President of Sales, has over 12 years’ experience working in Talent Management. Kelly has a broad background in scoping talent solutions, implementation planning, delivery of services and Kelly Painterstrategic planning on behalf of her clients.   As a solution provider, she has delivered real business results to her customers, while leading and developing a high performing team of sales and service professionals.

John and Kelly cover how thousands of organizations across five continents use eSkill for talent management. eSkill is the market leader in customizable online tests that fit specific job requirements for the highest job relevance. eSkill’s assessments cover many different job functions and industries, including IT, Retail, Business Administration, Call Centers, Sales, Marketing, Healthcare, and more.

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