25 Assessments Made Simple, Human, Smart

Dr. Scott Hamilton, Ph.d

Dr. Scott Hamilton, Ph.d in action

In episode 25 of the Hire Up Podcast, host John P. Beck, Jr. interviews show guest and panel expert Doctor Hamilton the CEO of Hamilton & Associates Consulting, specializing in Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Assessment Development & Utilization. Dr. Hamilton formally served as the Chief Research Officer of Profiles International, Inc. and also served as its Executive Vice President of Research & Development.

So many employees are now working from home too, so you need to know how to monitor work from home employees if you have staff working remotely as well.

John and “Doc” Hamilton take the complex topic of employee assessment and break it down to a simple, human, smart approach. Together they cover all the basics, providing listeners with a wide range of topics:

  • What are Pre-employment assessments?
  • Why are they used? Differences between a test and an assessment?
  • Skill and Occupational Job Fit Assessments (ODNA)
  • Benefits in using Assessments
  • Drawbacks or pitfalls to using Employee Assessments
  • Conventional Assessment vs. Adaptive Assessments
  • Differences in Behavior vs. Personality Assessments
  • Understanding Validity and Reliability
  • and much more.

If you have questions, please submit them to me. Doc and I will answer them in his next appearance on the Hire Up Podcast.

For more detailed information on this Podcast or to contact Dr. Scott Hamilton, Ph.d., visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com or call 800.434.2630.

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