31 The Business of Giving with Guest, Lain Hensley

In episode 31 of the Hire Up Podcast, John interviews guest, Lain Hensley. Lain Hensley is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Odyssey Teams, which develops philanthropic team-building programs for large corporations: the prosthetic hand-building program, Helping Hands, and the bicycle-building event, LifeCycles. He is an inspirational speaker and corporate trainer with an eye for introducing organizational change.

Everyone wants to be Lain Hensley’s friend. Lain is one of those rare people who sees what people often don’t see in themselves. The beautiful beginner. The sacred wonder. He’ll reveal your magic and he’ll get you to believe. He is generous, smart, and oriented to making things better.

As the COO of Odyssey Teams, Inc., Lain and his company have changed the team building industry and keep pushing the envelope with their latest projects. Odyssey Teams gives you a way to improve your team and the world at the same time. The benefits of team building are well studied. Team building boosts productivity, increases motivation, sparks problem solving and catalyzes creativity.

Together, Odyssey Teams have built and donated over 18,000 bicycles, 25,000 prosthetic hands, hundreds of playhouses, a “rad” amount of skateboards and they are just getting started. Friends and clients are all over the world and worthy recipients are in more than 75 countries. They hope you enjoy learning more about their passions and decide to become a part of the movement. Make your meetings matter and go beyond the training room walls and into the hearts and minds of a world in need!

For more information on Lain Hensley and Odyssey Teams, Inc., click here

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