33 “Leading Yourself, Leading Others” with Author, Billy Arcement

In Episode 33, John Beck has guest Billy Arcement, in studio, to discuss his new book, “Leading Yourself, Leading Others”.

As a business leader, Billy Arcement is respected for his knowledge of human relations, leadership, success principles and problem-solving skills. He is a very results oriented individual. He understands that without results, nothing new can happen, no change can be implemented, and individuals and organizations will eventually stagnate.

As a teacher, Billy was a successful coach and teacher of science. As a coach, he learned how to identify the talents of his athletes and how to specifically use them to win. As a science teacher, he prepared his students for their future careers such as nurses, physicians, teachers, and business leaders.

As a native of Louisiana, he shares in a unique Cajun Culture that shaped his ethics, values, desires, and sense of humor. It’s the latter that has branded him as an entertaining story teller of the antics of the best known Cajuns in the world, Boudreaux and his friends.

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