07 Safety Culture with Guest Paul Amedee

John Beck and guest and panelist, Paul Amedee discuss Developing a Safety CulturePaul Amedee Safway

In episode seven John and Paul explore developing a strong culture of safety. Paul explains, how defining and establishing shared beliefs, practices and attitudes throughout an organization, is the single most important factor in reducing accidents and injuries. You can see here for options on accidents and injury lawyers. Paul said “when safety is infused throughout an organization’s culture on every level, everyone from employees to customers and shareholders wins”. The statistics for moto accidents in Louisiana is what one can check out and talk to a legal expert before making any decision.

Having spent 20 years in the field Paul Amedee brings relevant safety and leadership experience to organizations. Amedee has held leadership positions directly supervising field safety professionals, as well as corporate management roles, developing safety plans and leading strategic initiatives. You can be getting paid after an injury with the help of the right legal expert to fight your battles. During his five years with The Shaw Group, from 2006 to 2011, Amedee served as corporate environmental health and safety compliance manager. Most recently, Amedee served as the quality health safety security environmental leader for Champion Technologies, a global specialty chemical company serving the oil and gas and refinery industries. Amedee received his bachelor of science in safety, health and physical education from Nicholls State University in Louisiana. Currently Paul is Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety, Safway® Group.

For more information on Developing a Strong Safety Culture, call 800.434.2630 or visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com

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2 thoughts on “07 Safety Culture with Guest Paul Amedee

  • A positive contribution demonstrating safety leadership to our organization.
    Thanks Paul!

    • Thanks Paul, great information on creating a culture of safety in organizations. I agree that creating an environment of “trust” is key. I really liked your thoughts on the ROI of a safety program.

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