06 Conflict Resolution with Melinda Stallings

John and guest, Melinda Stallings, discuss The Power Of Positive Conflict Resolution

Melinda StallingsEpisode six is packed with positive energy as Melinda explains her proven, practical, simple 8-step approach that could increase productivity, reduce negativity and increase morale.

Melinda says, “If you can spell the word POSITIVE, you have the tools at your fingertips”. How would you like to have the ability to automatically think through the dynamics of a situation and be seen as the hero in diffusing a conflict?

Well, get ready to put your cape on! It’s your time to be brilliant, as John and Melinda explore the power of Positive Conflict Resolution.

Melinda Stallings, M.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR transforms and enables greatness in individuals and organizations. Her interactions are engaging and enlightening, utilizing a rich mixture of knowledge, business acumen, organizational psychology concepts, and tools for application. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she blends the disciplines to integrate “the whys of the people and the hows of the organization”. She thrives on enhancing and enabling the lives of individuals who participate in any of her programs.

With over 20 years of research and experience in the field of leadership and power from a positive perspective, her passion and enthusiasm for her work is continually throttled as she watches individuals and inherently, organizations experience transformation and evolution. Whether as a keynote, a facilitator of her acclaimed “positively powerful” programs, or a coach, she will inspire you and empower you. She has built an international following as a great communicator, listener, thought generator, and “greatness enabler”. Her motto is “I am positively powerful” and she will guide you to be “positively powerful” too.

For more information on Positive Conflict Resolution, call 800.434.2630 or visit www.TheAssessmentCompany.com

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  • Resolving conflict is very difficult and usually avoided for most. Melinda outlines an easy to understand approach to tackling conflict resolution in a positive manner. I would love to hear more!

    Thanks Melinda!

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