Hire Up Podcast

17 Weeders to Leaders with Guest, Jeff Mcmanus

Jeff McManus grows things. In episode 17, John Beck, Jr. and Jeff McManus discuss Jeff’s proven method for growing leaders. As the Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi, he grows plants…he grows people…he grows ideas. Jeff is a problem-solver, understanding that doing more with less is a 21st-century mandate. Discover insight into[…]

Hire Up Podcast

11 Leadership Charisma with Guest, Deiric McCann

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL, CHARISMATIC LEADER AND GET EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS FROM YOUR PEOPLE? John and guest, Deiric McCann, unlock the mystical force of Leadership Charisma. Deiric explains how Charisma, for its own sake, is good for a little more than your ego – but put it to work in service of your business,[…]

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